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Film and television


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Film and Television

Our vehicles frequently participate in film and television productions - you have probably seen them already! Here is a selection of pictures from some of the productions.

Big Breakfast
BLU 188 with Richard Orford on "The Big Breakfast"

VJ Day parade
BLU 188 with Jon Pertwee on "The V J Parade"

Lord Mayor's Parade
BLU 188 and BLE 972 in "The Lord Mayor's Parade"

1940's House
BLU 188 and BLE 972 both appeared in "The 1940's House"

Heart of Me
BLU 188 and BLE 972 both appeared in "The Heart of Me"

Mon Amie La Rose
RAY 237 in the pop video for Natacha Atlas "Mon AMie La Rose"

Outside the Ritz
RA 7589 on location outside the Ritz for a television commercial

- - - - - -